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I created this space to encourage moms to reimagine the way we “do” self-care.. Self-care is not always easy but it’s always possible. Having three children, running a brand and being a wife is A WHOLE LOT. But I’m learning through prayer and pace, it is possible. A lot of folks focus on balance. I’m not even sure if  balance is a thing lol. But I do believe in pace. I think a resemblance of balance is found somewhere between prioritizing and pacing ourselves. 

I want moms to find little ways to improve their existence as mom, but most importantly as a person. Like what if we stop focusing on wellness/fitness “goals” and just started being a little more mindful? Or could you imagine the freedom of detached awareness?...Like not needing to fit into a certain fitness or dietary category but just making small consistent changes...

Detached awareness frees you from self-guilt and overly criticizing yourself.  A lifestyle anchored in mindfulness instead of strictness is more sustainable. I’m here to help you identify, act and flow. I don’t encourage what’s trending, I encourage and reaffirm what works. Let’s flow together.